marley spoon voucher codeHi, my name is Emalia I am 29 years old and I am a happily married woman. We are Mexican and we love eating new and different food. Out of all foods we love having spicy and tasty food. We came here to Washington because my husband had got the job here for which he was trying and applying for the last few months. Here in Washington people prefer eating food with less spice which used to be tasteless for us. And we were craving to have something spicy and with good taste but we were unable to get it. But then one of my friends suggested to me Marley spoon and it was awesome as it was cheap and affordable and it’s verified and top Marley Spoon Discount Code made it cheaper and discounted.

marley spoon voucher code

When we came to Mexico I didn’t know how to cook food as I never faced any reason or need to learn cooking as before marriage at my own house of parents we had a cook who used to cook food for all of us and sometimes my mother used to cook food and she used to make delicious spicy and food with different style and taste. I met the love of my life when I was 27 at a party and then we started to hang out and then he proposed to me. On my 28’Th birthday, he proposed to me for marriage and we got married. At the time of marriage, I was worried as I will go to a new house and I don’t even know how to cook food what will my in-laws think about me and what who will cook the food as before marriage his mother and sister used to cook food for everyone and now when I will get married so they might be expecting and also looking to taste and try the food or dish I cook. But then when I got married so I clearly told my in-laws that I don’t know how to cook but I will learn how to cook so my mother in law told me there is no need to learn cooking and said we were looking to get a cook but cook for 5 persons was useless but now when you’re here so the number of people have increased so we want a cook now and the very next day my husband called a cook and hired him.

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When my husband got the job here in Washington so before our flight I was trying to and looking forward to learning cooking and I also wanted to take cooking classes but I was unable to as we had very little time and we had to do the shopping and packing both. When we came here so for the first week we ordered tasteless food then I tried to cook food through YouTube cooking tutorials but it was useless. Then here we made a friend and he suggested us to order any meal box from Marley spoon and then to cook it. We ordered some dishes from Marley spoon as I was afraid that I might do blunders and might be possible I might also burn the first dish I make but now when I ordered the meal box they gave all the ingredients and things required to cook food and they also gave a brochure in which they had all the steps to cook food and I followed the steps and I made a dish by my own. I was thinking that I might burn it or destroy its taste but not they had given amount of things to be added according to consumer’s mood for taste whether you want it spicy or less spicy.

When I served the food on the table to my husband and tasted it so it was awesome and I was not expecting to make such delicious and spicy food on my first go. My in-laws and my sibling and my parents were not believing it that I made it but when I shared some videos while cooking and also my husband told them so they believed it.


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